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We will consider two aspects of Bonsai during this season of rapid tree growth. An excellent time for grafting, new growth will have time to harden off and strengthen before cold weather. Also rapid growth will enhance the possibility of successful grafting.

As we again resume fertilizing our trees, we have several things to consider. We encounter a bit of a chicken and egg situation. All living things need nutrients to grow and live. If we feed our trees heavily they will grow. But we want them to remain small. Another concern is internode length (distance between limbs or the potential budding spots on a limb). In order to keep our trees in perspective (a little tree that looks like a big tree) we need to keep short internode lengths. Controlling growth rate through limited feeding is one way we accomplish this. Correct pruning is another method to accomplish this. All plants need nitrogen, phosphorus and potash as basic nutrients.  Then we encounter the micronutrients needed for proper plant growth, these are much like vitamins to promote human health.

In short, even though we want small plants we must feed them regularly.  A healthy green color is a good indicator. You may have already seen from the above statements, an in depth discussion of this topic would be quite lengthy. Additionally if you ask four different bonsai artist what is the best fertilizing method you’d get four different answers. A good starting point would be commercially prepared fertilizers.

Study the subject on our web site and others. Join a local bonsai group and take advantage of the years of experience others have gained raising their trees. Happy planting and enjoy this wonderful art.

Enjoy your trees and enjoy our web site.

            Enjoy your little trees, and please inform us of any special information requests or articles you would like to see published on our website.

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If you are in the North Alabama area, please join us at our monthly meeting.

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