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February and winter continues. With many trees and limited time, many have already begun the (enjoyable?) task of repotting. The art of bonsai is a wonderful and interesting hobby/past time. Each individual step is indeed a learning process. Repotting can be an arduous task with many trees, but is an opportunity to learn each trees individual characteristics. Every species and to some extent each tree have unique growth patterns and nutrient needs. The rate at which it becomes root bound, the way roots become intertwined, how much root mass may be removed when repotting etc. For example my Harland box wood languishes for some period after repotting, yet Trident maples thrive. Experience is a wonderful teacher, but when we lose one of our little trees gaining that experience it is painful.
Benefit from others time and effort learning the art of bonsai, join a local bonsai group, you may also learn from others experience here on this web site. Most of all enjoy this wonderful art.

For more information, search the web, use this web site, better still join a local bonsai group and benefit from their many years of experience.

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Phil Terry

Join a local bonsai group and benefit from the many years of experience accumulated there.  If you are in the North Alabama area, please join us at our March  2016 meeting.

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