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A Happy New Year 2015 to all of our bonsai friends!  Winter continues and our little trees are
looking for warm weather.  Those of us with outdoor bonsai must continue to protect their roots 
from freezing.  Winter watering can be a bit of a challenge as our trees cannot be allowed to 
dry out completely, yet their reduced water demands limit the amount we should provide 
(that is,"water but not over-water").  Cold winter winds will dry out even bare-limbed trees.

This is a good time to examine our long-term plans for each tree, prepare pots and soil, 
and look ahead with planning for the coming year's activities:
Winter – preventing root freezing, preparing for busy spring activities ahead
- Spring – repotting, repotting, repotting, root pruning (and don’t forget to repot!)
- Early Summer – major pruning, shaping, wiring, fertilizing, and watching for insect damage
- Late Summer – maintenance pruning and gentle shaping, insuring that wiring doesn’t mark limbs
- Fall – maintenance pruning, fertilizer reductions, insuring that wiring doesn’t mark limbs 

Again, we wish you a wonderful New Year as we enjoy this wonderful art.  We continue to 
encourage all to join a local Bonsai group; if you in the North Alabama area, 
join us
at our January 2015 meeting.

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