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Welcome to the warm weather of August. On this site we have discussed many aspects of
the art of raising bonsai, hopefully "tweaking" the interest of some to delve deeper into the art.
 This month we list a few terms (some of which will be quite familiar to many of our readers)
that apply to bonsai culture, and we encourage everyone to research them on this web site 
and other sources (on-line Intenet sites, local library, bonsai publications etc.): 

Ramification - causing roots or branches to fork
- Internode - spacing between branches on limbs
- Nebari - the flare of a tree trunk at its base
- Shari - bare vertical areas on a tree trunk
- Jin - bare limbs with the bark removed
- Grafting - adding a branch or bud at a desired location
- Back budding - encouraging new buds to form on old wood
- Apex - the very top or highest point of a tree

Researching these terms and looking at examples of them is very interesting and possibly
a bit challenging, in considering how they and many other techniques are used to create the
beautiful bonsai that many of us admire.  If you are just getting started in bonsai (or as you are
extending your expertise), research this website and join a local bonsai group to learn more,
and perhaps just experiment with bonsai techniques on a low-cost tree, as you enjoy the 
interesting and relaxing art of bonsai.

 If you are in the North Alabama area, come visit us 
at our 
August meeting, where we will discuss Grafting techniques for bonsai.

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