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April has arrived, trees are budding, and our active growing season is in full bloom. 
We have many opportunities for bonsai improvement such as grafting, air layering, and shaping,
to name a few. There are many resources for these and many other techniques. A great deal
of information is available here on our website, and many resource books on nurturing bonsai 
can be found in book stores as such as those mentioned in articles on this site. 

The greatest resource is to utilize the many years of experience available within a local bonsai group.
The first question we often ask new members is, “are you experienced with bonsai?” and then we
sometimes jokingly ask “how many trees have you killed?" While not trying to be inconsiderate,
we nonetheless do understand that the work we perform on our bonsai specimens can often be
very stressful, and trees will sometimes be lost.  

Enjoy this wonderful art, join the members of a local bonsai group, and learn from their mistakes, 
while benefiting  from their many years of accumulated knowledge and experience. 
If you are in the North Alabama area,
 please join us at our April 2015 meeting.

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