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July has arrived and warm weather is our challenge of the month. Last month we discussed 
over-watering or excess moisture. How quickly concerns change; this month we address lack of moisture.

Bonsai may require watering twice daily on very warm windy days with temperatures approaching 100 degrees. Finished bonsai are often displayed in very shallow pots containing a very limited amount of soil.
Even correctly-blended porous bonsai soils (described in the how-to articles on this web site) may not 
provide 24 hours of required moisture. 

Carefully monitor small tender leaves on deciduous trees for indications of wilting, as these small 
tender leaves are the most sensitive tree health indicator available. Correctly watered, these small leaves should preferably show no wilting, if any at all, on these hot dry dry days. Bonsai artists should
adjust soil composition and watering schedules based on these built-in indicators. 

Enjoy this wonderful art and very rewarding hobby. Join a local bonsai group and benefit from the
many years of experience they have accumulated. 
 If you are in the North Alabama area, 
please join us at our July 2015 meeting

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