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We move into October and trees begin to detect the onset of fall. Amazingly plants are aware of the season. As soil temperatures drop and the amount of daily sun is reduced our tree chemicals move and soon leaves will drop, roots will begin to store nutrients for spring growth. During the strong growth season we fertilize every three to four weeks with a balanced fertilizer 10-10-10 etc. As we move into fall (those that fertilize into the fall and winter) should reduce nitrogen and use a 0-10-10 low nitrogen fertilizer. We have earlier discussed how winter freezes damage tender foliage, and as nitrogen encourages foliage growth a reduction is logical. Roots continue to grow through the winter and store nutrients thus some continue the late feeding of 0-10-10.
Enjoy the interesting art of Bonsai. Watching trees closely as they grow will teach us much about their needs. Search the internet, read articles here, better still join a local bonsai group. Most of all enjoy your trees.

Join a local bonsai group and benefit from the many years of experience accumulated there.  If you are in the North Alabama area, please join us at our October 2015 meeting.

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