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The hot humid days of August are upon us here in the Deep South. During the last few months we have discussed the care of Bonsai; in particular, watering and moisture retention. These concerns continue, along with maintenance pruning, during the hot days of August.

Let’s discuss plant acquisition. Many times we find so-called bonsai at "big-box" stores, but these trees are
often brittle and completely dried out. One might say “these trees are already dead and don’t know it yet”
(they have died so quickly that they are still green). Bonsai trees may be grown from seeds or cuttings, but
this may require many years. A larger plant may be had from a nursery or a friend. Harvesting a tree from
the wild is a great resource for a larger tree. Many great specimen-type trees have been obtained as friends
clean a hedge row, or discard shrubbery from their yard. Quite often the uglier the source tree, the more beautiful the finished bonsai! 

Bonsai artist Graham Potter has produced a number of interesting Internet articles that give an interesting
view of creating bonsai from “scrap trees," creating amazing bonsai from what many would call "junk."

 We wish you much bonsai success as we enjoy this wonderful, rewarding art. Join a local bonsai group and benefit from the many years of experience accumulated there.  If you are in the North Alabama area, 
please join us at our August 2015 meeting

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