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November, plant growth slows, and deciduous trees lose their leaves as outdoor bonsai move into dormancy. We reduce nitrogen, keep plants clean, and watch for diseases and insects.
In representing the Living Art Bonsai Society, I dedicate this message as a large “Thank You” as two of our members Steve and Ann move out of the area. Steve and Ann’s support and dedication to LABS have been invaluable. Benefits of membership in an organization are many and varied, one of which are the great friends we make as we learn the art of bonsai. It is our benefit and great pleasure to count Steve and Ann in our list of friends.
We at LABS wish them well as they continue their path toward developing the perfect bonsai. 
For our membership
Phil Terry

Join a local bonsai group and benefit from the many years of experience accumulated there.  If you are in the North Alabama area, please join us at our November 2015 meeting.

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