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As May arrives, the spring growing season is fully upon us. 

Bonsai require a great deal of attention during this time of rapid growth and, with their spring
vigor, they can more easily recover from heavier "shaping" pruning. Trees that are in
training (they don’t yet "know" that they are bonsai!) can even have major branches
removed. Major cuts should be sealed with a cut paste to encourage cambium growth
over the newly-exposed bare wood, and limit bacteria entrance at the cut site. On finished
bonsai (trees that have reached the final desired shape or stage of styling), 
maintenance pruning must be continued throughout the growing season. 

Pruning techniques and many other aspects of bonsai culture and care are discussed
on this website. Enjoy the site, enjoy learning the many methods used in raising bonsai, 
and most of all enjoy this relaxing and rewarding hobby. 

If you are in the North Alabama area, please join us at our May 2015 meeting
We would also enjoy meeting you at our 2015 Bonsai Show being held on 
Saturday - Sunday, May 16th and 17th, at Bennett Nurseries in Huntsville.
Check out the details on the Events Calendar page.

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